Our Family History

Founded in 1947 by George Sant, the farm has continued to blossom along with its product ever since. And we're not done growing.

Sants is a North American icon in supplying plugs and cuttings for the annual market (such as developing varieties which were formerly offered exclusively in Europe). We supply only the best quality material - the fresh new varieties and the tried-and-true standards.

George Sant & Sons are suppliers to the North American Industry. Operations at George Sant & Sons occupy eight acres of covered, heated greenhouses on eighty-five acres of property in Kleinburg in southern Ontario. The evaluation of individual varieties is an on-going process from cutting stage through to stock plants and trial gardens. The brothers Dan, Rick and Ron Sant work as an effective, third generation resident team.

George Sant & Sons Greenhouses enjoy offering new and exciting varieties to those retailers who wish to continue to work to develop a niche in an increasingly sophisticated for gardeners hungry for new introductions with Sants.

This year, don't settle for anything but the best. Plant with Sants.